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The times we are apart is when I love you.

The times we are together,

you exhaust

my love.


It hurts to be with you.


Is this what women warn each other about?

Why the feminine is associated with weakness?

Am I weak to want to be comforted and caressed by my abuser?

By the boy I love,

the cause of my cower.


You’ve pushed me to the edge.

Please don’t push my off again –

I barely survived

the first time.


Because if you do,

I will shatter.



Pink Ghetto

I was born in this pink ghetto,

nested between white, plastic bars – I cannot leave.

I see above me planes and trains and cars and spaceships –

all going somewhere, somehow, somewhen.

And I wanna ride them.

I can ride them, but I cannot pilot them.

I can straddle them –

feel the vibrations and pulsations between my legs,

but not in my hands.

My hands are unworked.

I should. would. could not tame them,

make them bend to my will –

But their will is greater.

Those with the scruffy faces, the hard hands, the Idontgiveadamns.

Rather, I am forced to give a damn –

to give a care.

I bend under these expectations,

Bend and bend and bend and

snap. they would

between the walls of this pink ghetto.

Underestimating how strong I am.

I was born in this pink ghetto.

Nested between white, plastic bars – I cannot leave.

But one day