visionary loser

an alternative to ennui

Is this abuse?

Last night you told me to kill myself.

Last night when someone else needed me more, you demanded my attention.

Last night when I rode in an ambulance to make sure my friend was okay, you made me out to be a selfish asshole.


You accused me of false altruism.

You told me that I only cared about myself.

You premised all this with “I love you”.

You made me feel worthless and disrespected.

You stomped on my words before I could even release them from my mouth.


I can’t believe I’m still with you.

Why haven’t I left.

You break me down so that I have nothing.

That promise you keep whispering in my ear is all I can hope for.

This cage of self doubt and ugliness – depression weighing me down.

I can’t fly anymore.

I don’t want to fly anymore.


Are you happy now?

I’m broken.

Just like you.

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